Some filmmakers are born to create a genre. James Cameron was born to make action movies. Few directors know how to make a sequence as vivid as Cameron. Nancy Meyers is a master of romantic comedies. She’s spent decades giving rich, relatable characters and making them struggle through delightful misunderstandings. When it comes to crazy, over-the-top, blood-soaked horror with a dash of comedy, Sam Raimi is your man.

Raimi started making a film with his buddies in the woods. They didn’t have much money. The cabin they were using had no plumbing. The crew, who were mostly family and friends, got into a fight because of the difficult living conditions. What came out was The Evil Deatha film that would spawn a franchise and establish Raimi as a sought-after director and a new voice in the horror genre.

After making a third Evil Death film, titled Army of DarknessRaimi seemed to be taking a break from horror. He made a baseball movie and a western. He had a couple of thrillers on his schedule. Old Sam directed a trilogy of superhero movies that probably won’t be remembered well. Glider… something? I don’t remember. He returned to horror in 2009 with the wonderfully outrageous and aptly titled Drag me to hell and has made only two films since then.

One of the two films he directed was a sequel to the 2016 film (Jesus, 2016?!?) Doctor Strange. Raimi came into the picture after Scott Derrickson left the project. What Raimi made wasn’t as crazy and violent as he’s capable of, but it was close. He took a stab at the MCU and used his chance to make heads explode and fan-cast actors turn to spaghetti. Reception was mixed, but Disney seemed to approve of his work.

Deadline has announced that Raimi will direct a new, original horror film titled Send help for 20th Century Studios (a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Corporation). The film was written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, who also Freddy vs Jason And Bay watchDeadline describes the film as “somewhere between Rob Reiner’s Stephen King adaptation” Miss and the classic by Robert Zemeckis Cast away.”

This is exciting news. Deadline does point out that the deal has not yet been officially greenlit, but it sounds too good to pass up.