While there are other phones today that offer AI features, I don’t think anyone other than Google has been able to optimize them as well as Samsung has within the Android ecosystem.

It’s become very difficult to offer generational upgrades on smartphones. The least OEMs can do is make phones fun. That’s exactly what Samsung has done with the Galaxy Z Flip 6. Even though it looks exactly the same as the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and doesn’t offer any groundbreaking upgrades this year, I enjoyed every minute I spent with the phone on the sidelines of Galaxy Unpacked 2024 in Paris, France.

It’s definitely a phone that’s going to generate a lot of interest. And for obvious reasons. It’s super light, compact, looks gorgeous and the new pastel colours are sure to appeal to a much wider audience. I’m particularly fond of the Mint and Yellow colour variants. The feel of the phone in the hand is also pretty good.

But you expect that from any Samsung flagship phone, right? So, what’s new this year? A lot of stuff.