It’s been more than two years now Parting – one of the best original Apple TV+ series —left viewers with that wild Season 1 cliffhangerand now we finally know when we’ll get to see what’s next for Mark Scout and the rest of his laid-off colleagues at Lumon Industries. Parting Season 2 returns on January 17, 2025, Apple TV+ has announced, and that’s not all. A sneak peek (which you can watch above) gives us a glimpse of the chaos that awaits, including a first look at new cast member Gwendoline Christie. I can’t help but wonder if she’ll help us to what’s up with those goats?

Gwendoline Christie is one of the many important additions to the Parting Cast season 2with the Game of Thrones veteran who joins the ensemble cast that includes Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, Britt Lower, and John Turturro. Details about Christie’s character haven’t been released, but in the sneak peek, we see her say to someone (seemingly Mark and Helly), “You should have left.” It seems like she’s definitely aware of what’s going on at Lumon Industries, but how involved is she? Were her words a threat or a warning?