IZMIR (IGFA) – Güzelbahçe Mayor Mustafa Günay visited CHP Chairman Özgür Özel at his office in the parliament with a large delegation of 50 people, including municipal councilors, CHP district chairman Devrim Seyrek and district managers of the women’s department and the youth department.

Güzelbahçe Mayor Mustafa Günay and his group first appeared before the Ceddin in Anıtkabir and then attended the CHP cluster meeting in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. After the meeting, he visited Republican People’s Party Chairman Özgür Özel in his office. During the visit, CHP Deputy Chairman and party deputy Sözcüİzmir Deniz Yücel and CHP deputy İzmir Ednan Arslan were present. General Leader Özel said that it was very nice for them to visit with a team of 50 people.


Mayor Mustafa Günay invited CHP Chairman Özgür Özel to the launch of the 100-day project, which he will hold in the coming days.

Chairman Özgür Özel stated that he will review the programs and would like to participate in the launch if it is appropriate. Leader Günay stated that this visit will be a great honor for the district and that Özel’s participation will make a valuable contribution to the promotion of Güzelbahçe.


General Manager Özgür presented a Yelki Sports shirt number 45, with the name Özgür Özel written on it, to the visitors of Yelki Sports Club and city councilor Ali Turan. Chairman Özgür Özel thanked them warmly and said: “I hope they will become first in the league they play in and achieve new successes. “Now I am also a Yelki Sports fan,” he said.