Against a backdrop of volatile global markets and specific regional economic challenges, the Swedish stock market offers a unique landscape for investors interested in growth companies with high insider ownership. Such stocks often reflect strong confidence from those closest to the company, which may be a good fit for current market conditions where distinctive investment choices are paramount.

Top 10 Growth Companies With High Insider Ownership In Sweden

Name Insider ownership Profit growth
CTT systems (OM:CTT) 16.9% 21.6%
Biovica International (OM:BIOVIC B) 18.5% 73.8%
edyoutec (NGM:EDYOU) 14.6% 63.1%
Sileon (OM:SILEON) 14.1% 109.3%
KebNi (OM:KEBNI B) 37.8% 90.4%
Yubico (OM:YUBICO) 37.5% 43.8%
InCoax networks (OM:INCOAX) 18.1% 104.9%
BioArctic (OM:BIOA B) 34% 50.9%
Calliditas Therapeutics (OM:CALTX) 11.7% 52.9%
SaveLend Group (OM:YIELD) 23.3% 103.4%

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Let’s take a closer look at some of our picks from the companies we researched.

Simply Wall St Growth Rating: ★★★★☆☆

Overview: AB Sagax (publ) is a real estate company operating in Sweden, Finland, France, Benelux, Spain, Germany and other European countries with a market capitalization of approximately SEK 102.32 billion.

Activities: The company generates its revenues mainly from real estate rental and amounts to SEK 4.47 billion.

Insider ownership: 28.3%

Swedish real estate company AB Sagax has recently been focusing on sustainable finance, as evidenced by the issuance of multiple green bonds totaling almost €1.5 billion in May 2024. These bonds support general corporate purposes under the Green Finance Framework. Despite high insider ownership indicating strong management confidence, the company’s expected revenue growth of 9.3% per year lags more aggressive growth benchmarks but beats the Swedish market average of 1.8%. However, earnings are expected to be significantly ahead of the market with an expected annual increase of 33.5%. Meanwhile, shareholder dilution over the past year and insufficient coverage of debt by operating cash flow raise concerns about financial leverage and the integrity of the capital structure.

OM:SAGA An overview of ownership as of July 2024

Simply Wall St Growth Rating: ★★★★☆☆

Overview: Wallenstam AB (publ) is a Swedish real estate company with a market capitalization of approximately SEK 36.66 billion.

Activities: The company is active in the Swedish real estate sector.

Insider ownership: 35%

Wallenstam AB, a Swedish real estate developer, recently turned to profitability with a strong earnings report for the first half of 2024, showing significant improvements in net income and revenue compared to the previous year. The company’s revenue growth is slightly above the market average and earnings are expected to grow robustly. Despite this positive outlook, there are challenges, including a low forecast return on equity and significant one-off items that are impacting the financial results. Insider transactions have balanced out with more purchases than sales, but not in significant volumes.

OM:WALL B Profit and revenue growth as of July 2024

Simply Wall St Growth Rating: ★★★★★★

Overview: Yubico AB specializes in authentication solutions for computers, networks and online services, with a market capitalization of SEK 20.84 billion.

Activities: The company generates revenues of SEK 1.93 billion from its Security Software & Services segment.

Insider ownership: 37.5%

Yubico AB, a Swedish growth company with substantial insider ownership, is poised for a major expansion with expected annual earnings growth of 43.81%. Despite trading 18% below fair value and posting strong revenue growth of 22.9% per year, the company faces challenges such as significant insider selling and shareholder dilution over the past year. Furthermore, profit margins have declined compared to the previous year’s figures. Recent developments include the election of Jaya Baloo as new CEO and promising financial results for the first quarter of 2024.

OM:YUBICO Ownership Distribution as of July 2024

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