A woman has taken to social media to seek advice after being invited to a wedding via a QR code, only to be asked to enter her bank details before she can access information about the wedding.

She doesn’t want to enter her bank details in the app (inventory)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A woman has been left stunned after receiving a QR code as a wedding invitation, leaving her wondering what happened to paper invitations. But to make matters worse, she says after scanning the QR code she was asked to enter her bank details before being allowed to see any information about the wedding.

Confused, she approached Mumsnet to ask users if this was “really a thing now”? She said: “Am I being unreasonable to think this is really weird? Are we just completely ignorant of current wedding invitation protocols, or is this a thing now?

We received an invitation card for a friend’s son’s wedding. It had a QR code on it that we had to scan to see if we were attending, to see menu options, etc. That’s no problem, we’re happy to do that. But the QR code takes us directly to online forms where we have to enter our name, address, and email address. Okay.

“However, the second page of the site asks us to enter our bank card details. Without that, we can’t proceed. So we can’t say if we’ll be attending, view the wedding registry, specify menu choices, etc.” She went on to explain how the QR code welcomed her for a free seven-day trial, after which she was informed that there would be a monthly charge for using the app.

She added: “This feels really weird to ask your wedding guests but I’m glad to hear that we’re just really not in touch anymore! Is this really a thing now?” While most users condemned the couple for using QR code invites, others urged her to talk to them as they believed they had made a mistake when creating their invites.

One user said: “Absolutely not normal. Sounds like a scam.” Another user added: “Just send a nice card saying you can’t come.” A third user said: “This sounds like they’ve screwed up the online service they’re using. I would just let them know.”