MARION — Many Hoosiers consider their furry friends part of the family, but one Marion woman can say her dog saved her life.

She credits her dog Luna for raising the alarm when high carbon monoxide levels were detected in her apartment.

The two-year-old Husky is now being hailed as a hero.

“I’ve never seen a dog do so much,” Griffin said.

Six months ago, Griffin gave Luna a new name and a second chance at life when she adopted her from Speedway Animal Rescue.

“They told me if she was brought back one more time she would have to be euthanized,” Griffin said.

Griffin had no idea that Luna would grant him the same.

“She basically saved our lives,” Griffin said.

Last June, Griffin moved to a new apartment complex at 54e and Prestwick Square in Marion.

Griffin said her water heater began leaking a few weeks later, creating dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in her apartment.

She started feeling the symptoms.

“I had a migraine so I went to my room and rested like I normally do, but she wouldn’t let me sleep,” Griffin said.

Luna knew something was wrong.

“If she hadn’t taken me outside, I would have fallen asleep here and probably never woken up,” Griffin said.

The dog had already taken her owner outside before the carbon monoxide detector went off.

“I called all the kids that were in the house, maintenance, and the fire department, and that’s when I found out that there were very high levels of carbon monoxide,” Griffin said.

“They were outside our normal range of zero nine parts per million,” said Brandon Eckstein, Marion’s chief fire officer.

Griffin said the maintenance crew called the Marion Fire Department, who alerted the gas company.

They sealed the leak at the boiler, turned off the boiler and replaced the appliance.

While Griffin had a working alarm and her family was able to get out of her apartment safely, Eckstein hopes this will serve as a reminder for others as well.

“Carbon monoxide has no odor, no taste, you can’t see it unless it’s a really big leak,” Eckstein said. “It can take a while for your detectors to work, depending on where they’re located. Have your flues checked on your water heater annually,” he added. “It’s important to have carbon monoxide detectors near those natural gas appliances.”

For Griffin, it’s an extra reminder of gratitude.

“I got her initially because I have PTSD and I need that emotional support, but to find out that she’s gone above and beyond is unbelievable,” Griffin said. “I thank God that it worked out this way and that she’s here and saved our lives.”