Pasture Makes Perfect

Beef that tastes like beef, pork that tastes like pork, chicken that tastes like chicken. That’s the difference pasture makes.

Since 2010 we have been raising our grass-fed and finished beef, field-and-forest pork, and pastured poultry(chickens and turkeys) on oursmall, grass-based farm in Moscow, Ontario. We raise the kind of food we want our family to eat, that means no GMO’s, no antibiotics, and no hormones. Much more than that though it means respecting the nature of our livestock. Cattle graze fresh daily paddocks, pigs root up the earthin the forest, and chickens scratch and peck the pasture looking for a

tasty bite. Its a regenerative systems thinking approach that is rebuilding the health of our soil, us farmers, and our community.

We are proud to serve the Kingston area and beyond with our farmer-direct, buying club model. Order only what you want, select your pick-up location, then meet us at the scheduled time. Simple.


"You, as a food consumer, have the privilege of actively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit." - Joel Salatin

A note from one of our customers

We are truly thrilled to have the opportunity to make a choice about the meat we eat. It is very important to us to be aware of - and comfortable with - the environment in which the animals we eat spend their lives before they become our food. As I told you once, I tried hard to become a Vegetarian - but sometimes I honestly felt like I was starving.

Although the meat we buy from you costs more than we could source it from various grocery stores - it is so superior on many levels, and it is worth every penny. In fact, because Gary and I both have some practical knowledge of farming, I think we recognize the real cost of what you have to put into producing the meat you offer. It is hard to make a living as a small farmer - with all the risks, responsibilities and challenges that most people would not be willing to undertake anymore

The environment in which your animals are raised, and the consistently delicious taste of every single cut of meat or variety of sausage we have purchased from you - have become a hugely important aspect of our diet. But it is also important, at this stage of our lives, that we have the opportunity to witness and support the efforts of a wonderful young farm family.

We respect the sacrifices and choices you've made to create your farm and your business, and we look forward to supporting you for a very long time. We absolutely love the way you raise your animals, produce your meat, and make it available so efficiently for the community to purchase.

Gary and I enjoyed a sirloin steak from your farm tonight, and as we ate we talked about how amazingly tender and delicious it was. We spoke about how much we could have paid for a comparable steak dinner at a restaurant like The Keg. Six to eight times as much, and we would not have known anything about where the meat came from or how the animal was raised. I think the truth about commercial animal rearing and dairy/meat production is something we all cannot hide from.

- Heidi Lind