Perfect Omelette

April 14, 2019 • 0 comments

Perfect Omelette
Custardy scrambled eggs held together by a lightly cooked skin. Simple. Perfect.


  • (3) Eggs
  • (1Tbsp) Cream
  • (generous pinch) Salt
  • Parmesan Cheese - grated


1. Set an 8 inch pan on medium heat and add a good pat of butter

2. In a small bowl add the eggs, cream, and salt and whisk together

3. Once the butter starts to brown just a little add the eggs to the pan. Using long passes, help the mixture evenly coat the pan and start to set. If it starts to set too quick remove it from the heat and give it a quick slam on the oven or cutting board to even out the egg. Grate the cheese in an even layer over the eggs. Once everything is just set loosen the omelette with the spatula and tilt the pan over your plate and gently tap the top of the pan to help it slide out. With little flick of the pan help the omelette fold over itself. This guy has a good quick video, but he's wrong about not using cream.

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