Farming With The Future In Mind

The Fat of the Land

As the distance between eaters and farmers grows, so does the mystery of what actually makes it to families plates. Raising animals that eat only the best bites of grass, we're committed to producing food without any misleading labels, that's good for our health, great to eat, and heals and regenerates the land.

Our beef is 100% grass-fed, our pork and poultry is raised on pasture and receives a GMO-free grain ration. We don't medicate, don't use added hormones. Instead we rely on farming with the individual needs of the animals and land in mind and the result is healthy animals, healthy land, and happy farmers.  

We're a father and son (mostly father) team of farmers,  Justin and Forrest Hilborn. We look forward to getting up every morning to do our chores, get on the land, work hard and eat well. Keep up with what's going on around the farm with Facebook and Instagram


We believe that an important part of good health is good healthy food and that what a person chooses to feed themselves and their family is their responsibility, not someone else's.  This takes trust in the people that grow food, not just a label on a box or a bag. That's why we mean what we say and are proud to sell our meat locally, and to have an open farm policy where people can see how we raise our animals and manage our farm.


We believe in being good stewards of our land, practicing regenerative agriculture so we can grow more grass, raise healthier animals, create more biodiversity and grow our soil and soil life which is ultimately good for the climate. This means going beyond sustainable and aiming to create abundance that we can harvest year after year. 


We believe that our responsibility is to help make real, wholesome food available and accessible while still being to run our farm. This means getting out everyday to manage the land with integrity, treat our animals with respect, as well as working to make it as simple as we can to get  our products on peoples plates.